The ART is a Ghanaian creative and member of music collective Asquad.  Born Yassin Issa Adams, he derives his moniker from the abbreviation of the words ambition, resilience and talent. He cites those qualities as the definition of  his character and the inspiration behind his creativity. His creative style is mostly influenced by his thoughts and emotions.

The ART is a FU artist who blends rapping and singing to express himself.

He creates music with alternative styles he developed from listening to a wide range of genres growing up. He believes his expression style to be a way of freeing oneself.

The ART began poetry and rapping in 2013 while  attending Apam Senior High School. He took inspiration from Ab-soul, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar in developing his style of deep yet often playful  lyricism.

He often is self reflective on his songs. He raps about self-doubt on “ClouDT”, childhood on “NeverLand”, depression and anxiety on “ESCAPE” and the day-to-day Hustle on songs like “Posted ft BÈRD” , “Tsui Bleoo” by Asquad and “Nike” with Marince Omario.  

Since joining Asquad in 2016, he has been a major contributor to the growth of the culture of the collective. They released their debut album Wake-Eeping in 2017 and two EPs from their “Press Kit EP” series in 2019 and 2020 with the ART featuring prominently on these body of works. They successively hosted two concerts for the Press Kit tapes with #PressCon, an anual concert they have running since 2019.

The ART has performed at Ghana Teen Choice Awards (2015,2016), YoyoTinz Festival(2019), Asquad PressCon(2019,2020). In 2021, he performed at GIJ SRC Artist Night, Gbonyo Party, MerchMania, Crusade 5, and most recently at Anansesem and The WaveConcert in 2022.

The ART currently released his debut EP, FEARLESS. A body of work that details his growth as a man starting life afresh.

(FU; a genre of music that blends elements of various genres into one sound founded by Marince Omario)